Beautiful and beautiful tricks under your feet


Beautiful and beautiful tricks under your feet

The weather became very dry. Although I drank water every day and kept moisturizing various skin care products, I still felt dry.

Especially for the feet that are not valued, in this dry season, the quiet loss of water has taken away the beauty of our feet.

It’s time to maintain it!

Now let’s share the tips on how to be alive.

  1. Foot washing method for dry feet: For feet with dry skin, use a brush to clean the heels, toes, and seams of the feet after each foot washing.

After washing your feet, you can apply some olive oil, put a plastic bag, and then immerse them in hot water. After the pores are opened, the nutritional feet will be absorbed by the foot muscles. If you persist for a long time, the skin on the feet will be improved.

  2. Exfoliation and maintenance department: If you want to restore the feet quickly and carefully, the most important insertion is exfoliation, which is to remove aging cells and help metabolism.

Girls’ feet are relatively delicate, so they will become rough when they are hurt.

Therefore, it is recommended that the girls can rub the smooth stones to help their feet return to their original shape, then apply a nourishing cream and put on cotton socks.

  3, heat preservation and maintenance: adhesion, foot is the easiest place for the skin to dry, so the moisturizing work of this part is the most important.

Products can be selected according to the nature of the skin.

Oily skin alternates with refreshing lotions, while dry skin alternates with skin creams or massage oils, or higher creams or oils to moisturize the skin.

  Let ‘s take a look at a few topics that girls care about: Therapeutic wiping method with rough skin on the feet: This girl can choose to eat lemon, watermelon peel, gherkin and other fruits and vegetables instead of vitamin C to wipe her feet, which can prevent the feet from inflammationMakes the skin on the feet delicate and fair.

  How to remove the corns on the feet?

  Corns are crusts that grow on the toenails and soles of the feet. Generally, the shoes are too tight and the feet are rubbed. The easiest way is to apply eye ointment. If the effect is not good, you must go to the hospital for treatment. You must not take a knife.Go dig.

  What if the toenails grow in the meat?

  The toenails grow in the meat and are neither beautiful nor comfortable.

The correct method is not to cut too short when cutting toenails, it is better to cover the toes, and slowly let the toenails grow out.

  How to eliminate foot fatigue?

  When you feel foot fatigue when walking or exercising, you can use the following methods to eliminate fatigue: 1.

Add a small cup of rice vinegar to warm water, soak your feet for 20 minutes, and then balance them with your feet half an hour above your head.


First immerse your feet in hot water (limited to the feet) for about 2 minutes, then immerse them in cold water for 2 minutes and exchange two or three times.

  Modification of the feet and choosing the right nail polish The modification of the feet mainly refers to cutting nails and replacing them at least once a week. Before inserting nails, remove the nail polish.

First wash your feet with soap, use pumice stones to remove the hard skin of the soles and heels, use a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt from the toenails, dry the feet, and then the toenails.

  After the penetration, you can use Vaseline to apply around the toenails. After it penetrates into the skin, wipe it off with a cotton pad to keep the skin soft.

  When it comes to toenails, there are many names.

When selecting, generally follow the following principles: 1.

To make the big toes smaller, use light-colored nail polish, such as light rose.

Do not use bright and eye-catching colors, but use non-luminous shades, such as pink or light brown, and do not paint the entire toenails.

Leave a blank space on the left and right to achieve a slim effect.


Where the blue tendons are exposed or excessively exposed on the feet, soft-colored nail polish should be replaced to ease the pressure.


If you want to make your nails slender, you should add nail polish with silver powder, such as white gold.


Before applying nail polish, wipe off the original nail polish, then apply a layer of nail polish to protect the nails. Instead, change the nails to be difficult to replace, and then replace the nail polish with the big toe in turn, and apply the other foot from the small toe.

  How can nail polish last?   In order to prevent chipping when applying nail polish, be sure to remove the last nail polish before applying nail polish.

Use a moisturizer to moisturize the skin on your feet after a shower or every day before going to bed.

Perform foot care once a month, apply a thick lotion before going to bed, and put on cotton socks.

  Use a pumice stone or a waterproof spatula to remove the hard skin during the shower, 2-3 times a week.

Apply a new coat of nail polish every 4-5 days.

  Do not tear the cuticles inside the nails as this may cause an infection.

Be sure to use a small amount of oil to prevent the color from penetrating the toenails and turning the toenails yellow.