Coup to help you cover acne marks so that your beauty is not flawed_1

Tips to help you hide acne marks so that your beauty is not flawed

Acne or acne are growing on both ends, and makeup should be minimized to prevent clogging of pores and make acne worse.

However, if you catch up with customers, meet up with friends, attend interviews or meet new friends for the first time, etc., it is necessary or even necessary to put on a convenient light makeup and cover the acne marks that are not beautiful.

Mastering the following tips will cover your acne marks well and make the makeup last longer.

  A few essential tools: a small makeup brush, a box of specific concealers, a box of crushed powder.

  Concealer Step 1.

Apply concealer on acne marks 2.

Push the concealer evenly with your fingers 3.

Use a concealer brush to make repairs on the beneficial or raised parts4.

Puff on the powder that is close to the race and sweep it away after 1 minute. This will help to fix makeup and absorb oil for long-lasting effect.

  Tips and tricks: Tap with your fingers instead of smearing with your fingers, as it will only wipe off the concealer.

Press the concealer evenly into the fine lines and the uneven areas.

  Time: The concealer should be behind the foundation, at this time it will be more clear that some parts need to be repaired.

  The final step: No matter where you are, apply powder on the final set to absorb oil and make the effect last longer.

  Don’t forget the part: The color under the nose, the position in the middle of the person and between the eyebrows is not uniform, you can use the makeup sponge to adjust it slightly.

  Concealer Tips 1.

Do not apply concealer on acne that is inflamed or even purulent. If the acne has pus or forms a wound, it is easy to be infected with bacteria. Improper treatment can reduce the pus and it is more unsightly.


Concealer is good for covering uneven scars, and it is better and more effective than smearing with fingers.