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Homemade aloe facial mask has great beauty effect

Introduction: There are many types of aloe, most of which are rich in toxins and there are only six edible varieties. Among them, the aloe varieties with medicinal and cosmetic values are mainly aloe, aloe vera and aloe vera.

Only a few can use homemade aloe vera mask.

One of the best is Aloe vera. Many skin care products containing aloe are aloe vera gel extracted from aloe vera.

MMs who like masks can make homemade aloe masks at home.

The easiest way to use aloe: add water to replace the MM with a juicer at home, you can wash the aloe and take out the richest section, remove the thorns and skin, squeeze the juice with a juicer, then add the same amount of mineral water and mix, Packed in a spray container, using facial spray, it has the dual effects of shrinking and moisturizing the skin. You can also insert shampoo and apply it on the head to help itching and prevent white hair.

  Aloe vera cooling mask is still ready for juicer, peel the washed aloe leaves, puncture, cut into sections, add egg white and honey into the juicer, mix well.

The juice is then applied to the context for 15-20 minutes.

  This aloe facial mask can hydrate and moisturize, moisturize the skin and brighten skin color.

  Prepare homemade aloe vera mask with a few fresh aloe leaves, a pair of scissors, a clean glass, a few double-layer medical gauze filters, and a few cotton swabs.

  First of all, please avoid your white and tender hands, and wash them thoroughly-this is very important.

  Then, clean and dry the fresh aloe leaves.

  There are many small teeth on the edge of the aloe vera leaf. We cut it off.

Then cut the aloe leaves into strands of shredded filaments, put the cut aloe silk in gauze and wrap it.

Align the squeezed aloe juice into the glass.

Gently shake the cup and shake the liquid.

  After doing these steps, it’s time to clean your face.

After cleansing the face with a facial cleanser, fumigate the face with hot steam, boil a pot of boiling water, open the kettle lid after the water is boiling, and steam the face for two or three minutes. After all the pores on the face are opened, use medical treatment.Dip a cotton swab with aloe vera. If you don’t have a medical swab, use a non-fat cotton pad and gently apply it to your face.

Hold for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, clean with cold water.

  This mask has good nutrition, nourish and whiten the skin.

In particular, acne, which is the most troublesome of MM, aloe vera has a good effect on eliminating acne.

However, doing it two or three times a week is enough.

  There is also an upgraded version of this aloe vera mask. Before going to bed at night, use 5 ml of aloe vera juice, add an egg white, mix well, and apply it evenly in a circle. After 15 minutes, wipe it with a hot towel.

After that, if MM is not too troublesome, you can continue to apply honey to make the skin thinner, tenderer and whiter.

Message from the editor: Aloe facial mask is cool and detoxifying. It has great effect on bladder acne and acne.