New regulations on CBA shoes cause big controversy

New regulations of CBA shoes cause big controversy
In the first round of the CBA new season, the full-scale game last night sounded. In a focused battle, the Xinjiang men’s basketball team beat Beijing at home.But in this nationally focused game, the absolute core of the Xinjiang team, Zhou Qi, missed the starter unexpectedly, playing less than 20 minutes and contributing 12 points.According to this, the basketball association once rejected Zhou Qi from playing because he insisted on wearing the shoes provided by his sponsor Nike. According to the latest CBA regulations, all CBA players must wear the shoes of league sponsor Li Ning this season.This kind of incident happened for the first time in the history of CBA.  In 2012, Li Ning signed a 5-year 2 billion sponsorship contract with CBA. The contract stipulates that all CBA players need to wear Li Ning shoes during the game.However, a special clause is also included in the contract. Other brands (mainly Nike) can pay a special donation for individual contracted players each season to allow them to obtain special cases of wearing Nike shoes in the game, but tape must be used in the game.Attach the logo of the Nike brand, which is the so-called franchise right.  In the past few years, Yi Jianlian, Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin, Ding Yanyuhang and other players have received such special cases in Dublin.Nike needs to pay hundreds of thousands of fees, but not all players can enjoy this special case.For example, Xinjiang team player Kelan Baike has been wearing Li Ning basketball shoes to participate in CBA games in the past few seasons.  The new regulations of the Basketball Association 2016-17 season is the last season for Li Ning to sponsor the CBA. In order to better show the rights and interests of the sponsors, Li Ning canceled the special case of paying for Nike shoes in previous years.  There is no doubt that Li Ning, as the main sponsor of the CBA league, naturally has the right to require athletes to wear Li Ning shoes.And Zhou Qi’s signed personal sponsor obviously wants Zhou Qi to wear Nike sneakers, which is for the purpose of protecting athletes, and it is understandable in itself.In the past few years, the two parties have reached a balance of demand in this kind of convention, but now, when this balance is suddenly broken, the opposite is naturally highlighted.The basketball association asked Zhou Qi to wear Li Ning, while Zhou Qi insisted on wearing Nike, the two sides once surrounded the deadlock.Zhou Qi believes that wearing more Nike shoes can better avoid the risk of injury.  On the morning of the game, Zhou Qi wore labeled Nike shoes to participate in the training, and in the warm-up and appearance ceremony before the game, Zhou Qi has been wearing Nike shoes.But after the game started, Zhou Qi always wore a long-sleeved coat and sat down until the middle of the second quarter. At this time, he had put on a pair of Li Ning shoes.  It is understood that in the first round of the game, Yi Jianlian did not follow the team to go away and play, and part of the reason came from the replacement of the shoe problem.  In fact, there are many disputes in the Air Force CBA because of similar situations. In the 14-15 season, Chinese Taipei player Li Xuelin refused to wear Li Ning shoes to play and would rather pay a huge amount of expenditure.Last season, Han Dejun also said that because of his special foot shape, he was afraid to wear Li Ning for fear of injury.However, perhaps because of domestic players, the territory is not distorted by the thighs, and eventually Han Dejun still wears Li Ning basketball shoes in the next game.  It is worth mentioning that this situation does not occur in the NBA.Because in the NBA, the sponsorship rights of the shoes belong to the individual players, in other words, players can choose to wear various brands of shoes.Big-name players get high-end sponsorship contracts and tailor-made exclusive equipment, while edge players can also get equipment from different sponsors.  The Air Force and the Basketball Association will be packaged and sold as individual dress rights for athletes. The original intention was also to let CBA sell a better price, but with the development of time, similar differences have become increasingly prominent.  What is more puzzling is that although Chinese players must wear Li Ning shoes to play, foreign aid playing in the CBA can wear Nike shoes and cover the Logo to play.The double standard of the Basketball Association has also surprised many players.  Next year, the sponsorship of Li Ning and CBA will expire, and whether the basketball association will be able to let go of the athlete’s personal shoe sponsorship rights is particularly exciting.Athletes are the greatest asset of professional leagues. I hope that because of such contradictions, athletes cannot play games. That is the irreparable loss.