[Effect of Angelica Chicken Soup]_Benefits_Advantages

[Effect of Angelica Chicken Soup]_Benefits_Advantages

Angelica chicken soup is used by many people as a tonic soup. In fact, this is mainly because the angelica belongs to the Chinese herbal medicine. This Chinese herbal medicine will play an obvious medicine when it is cooked with foodEffect, in this way you can achieve a nourishing effect on your body, especially for people who have a stroke such as the disease will have a certain relief effect.

The whole return is slightly slender, and the lower part has a branch 3?

5 or more, 15?


The outer skin is fine, the surface is yellow-brown to tan, with vertical wrinkles and horizontally long pores.

Root (return) diameter 1.

5?4cm, ring-shaped, round top short, with purple or yellow-green stems and leaf sheath residues; the surface of the main root (return) is uneven; the branch root (return to the tail) has a diameter of 0.

3?1cm, thick and thin, twisty, with few fibrous marks.

The texture is flexible, the cross section is yellowish white or yellowish brown, the skin is thick, there are cracks and multiple brown dot-like secretory cavities, and the wood is lighter in color, forming a layer of yellowish brown.

Xylem is lighter in color; rhizomes usually have a pith and curvature in the center of the section.

Gan, Xin and Wen.

Return to the liver, heart, and spleen.

Those with strong firewood, dry or oil-free, or green-brown in section will not be cured.

Indications 1.

Efficacy: It is unconscious to treat stroke, spit foam in the mouth, and postpartum wind paralysis.

① anti-hypoxia effect; ② regulate the body’s immune function, with anti-cancer effect; ③ skin beauty effect; ④ blood and blood circulation effect; ⑤ antibacterial, anti-arteriosclerosis effect.


Appropriate and Dosage: Stir-fry black, grind finely, use 9 grams each, 1 cup of water, wine, and fry.

12 grams.


Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, moisture-proof and break-proof.


Preparation: Angelica flow extract 5.

Recipe: Angelica, Nepeta equal parts.

Sexual Taste Meridian: Warm, sweet and spicy.

Return to the liver, heart, and spleen.

Function Indications: nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, regulating menstrual pain, moistening intestines and laxative.

For blood deficiency and chlorosis, dizziness and palpitations, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, amenorrhea due to cold, abdominal pain, dry bowel constipation, rheumatic pain, bruises, scabies

Angelica sinensis has been considered by Chinese medicine to be a blood-supplying drug for the treatment of anemia.

It has been thought that the blood-purifying effect of Angelica sinensis may be related to vitamin B12.

Studies have also shown that Angelica sinensis alone does not significantly promote the recovery of red blood cells and hemoglobin in hemorrhagic anemia animals.