Combing your hair starts with the right comb

Combing your hair starts with the right comb

If you still only think of a comb as a tool for combing your hair, then you will come out, because a comb can always help us organize and clean our hair. As long as you learn to use a comb, it has health and health benefits.

  Ancient health experts called it “Fayi more comb”.

Because the twelve meridians and the eight odd meridians of the human body are mainly confluent on the head, often combing and massaging the hair to stimulate these points and meridians can unblock meridians, improve blood circulation, avoid nourishing hair, prevent hair loss, and relieve, relieve, relieveFatigue and other effects.

  Combing my hair, spring health was at the time “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “March in spring, this is referred to as Chen.

Heaven and earth are born together, all things glory.

According to experts, the internal organs of the human body, qi and blood will produce rhythms of ascending, floating, sinking, and descending according to seasonal changes, forming the law of human body spring, summer long, autumn harvest, winter Tibetan.

  With the advent of spring, all things are recovering, and vitality growth is about to begin. At this time, the body’s yang energy also begins to expand upwards, the pores gradually expand, the circulatory system functions strengthen, the metabolism is vigorous, and the growth is rapid.

Therefore, the health in spring must conform to the physiology of the time and the human body, so that the limbs stretch, reconcile qi and blood, and nourish yang.

It is often referred to as “health in spring, health in Yang”.

  This candidate for “Health Preservation Theory”: “In spring and March, you will comb one or two hundred hairs per dynasty.

“By combing your hair, you can continue to stimulate the scalp acupoints, improve blood circulation, open the meridians, and get rid of yang, promote depression, stagnate qi and blood, and achieve the purpose of nourishing yang in the spring.

  According to health experts, combing your hair can be done once a day in the morning, midnight and night.

When combing your hair, start from the center of your forehead, and evenly brush your head, pillow, and comb, and then comb and merge. Generally, you can comb about 100 times each time;5-10 minutes.

  ”Combing” the whole body. In fact, you can use a comb to comb your hair for health. Combing different parts of the body can also achieve different health purposes.

  The large intervertebral foramen frequently massaged with the comb back or the handle can prevent spring colds, rhinopathy, cervical spondylosis, etc .; the comb back or the comb handle is often tapped for insertion or massage, which can press the effect of massaging the hip points, thereby promoting blood circulation., To reduce the pain and pain caused by sedentary white-collar workers; regular combing of hands with a comb can stimulate important Laogong points, Yuji points, Shaofu points, etc., to strengthen the body’s resistance and achieveThe effect of strengthening health.

  For female friends, you can also use a wooden comb to comb the breasts to promote breast blood circulation. Changes can promote breast development and keep the breasts firm and full. Instead, for postpartum women who are pregnant, lack of milk, breast milk, breast pain, and acute breasts.Diseases such as inflammation and breast lobular hyperplasia have dual positive effects.

  There are so many categories of combing tips, but not just a comb.

Choosing the right comb is especially important and requires us to pick it like a friend.

  First of all, as far as comb materials are concerned, it is necessary to choose corner combs and wooden combs made of natural materials, so that corner combs and wooden combs are not prone to generate static electricity; instead of corner combs and wooden combs, they will not be too hard or too soft and not easy.Injured scalp.

  In terms of comb brand selection, try to choose combs from big brand manufacturers. The products of one of the major brands are of excellent quality, good service, high technical content, and trustworthy. The products that replace the big brands have high grades and high added value.It is more face-saving to use it yourself or give it away.

  Lu You thought in the poem: “Jiulai suddenly saw the skylight white, short hair Xiao Xiaoqi combed.

“It can be seen that combing your hair to form a daily habit.

If you haven’t realized the benefits of combing your hair, why not try it now?