[How to make lettuce]_lettuce_how to make_practices

[How to make lettuce]_lettuce_how to make_practices

The rhizomes of lettuce are used by many people for cooking. The taste of lettuce is crisp and many people like to eat it. There are many ways of lettuce, which can be sliced and shredded.

Lettuce is a very common food, and you can add other ingredients to make it richer.


Peel and peel when you buy the lettuce!

Chinese yam should be peeled.

Divide the yam and lettuce separately, and dip the yam in the salt water for a while to prevent oxidation and discoloration. From the oil pan, scallion and garlic are fragrant. First fry the lettuce slices a few times, add the drained mountain top and fry, and add the appropriate amount of salt.Add a small amount of water, close the lid and cook for two minutes.

Finally add a small amount of chicken essence!


Peel the lettuce, clean the shallots, and wash the skins of the shallots.

Shred the lettuce, place a small spoon of the cut lettuce, stir and marinate for 30 minutes, squeeze the dried lettuce and squeeze the water.

Heat the pan, add oil, fry the red shallots and green onion slowly over low heat until yellow. Add the shallots and fry until the shallots turn yellow. Drain the shallot slag and put the shallot oil in reserve. White vinegar, a small amount of salt, white sugar and a little cold water.Make the juice, shred the red pepper and place it on the lettuce, pour the adjusted juice, and mix with the onion oil.


Peel and cut the shredded lettuce, and cut the lean meat.

Lettuce and lean meat are respectively covered with salt and soy sauce, starch and pepper.

Remove from frying pan and lower the shredded pork.

The shredded lettuce is squeezed out when the shreds change color.

Stir fry until the lettuce is broken.

The shredded pork is marinated in raw soy sauce, and the lettuce is also salted and then squeezed out of water. It has a salty taste, so there is no need to put salt.