Eat spinach and tofu at the same time

Eat spinach and tofu at the same time

Spinach and tofu eat spinach and tofu soup at the same time is a folk traditional home-style soup dish, which is popular for its light and refreshing taste.

However, modern medical research shows that spinach and tofu are eaten at the same time.

Although there has not been such a diet for a long time, sometimes the harm is potential and cannot be heightened by the degree of visibility.

  Tofu is highly nutritious, high in inorganic salts, low in feces, and low in blood sugar. Its rich protein is beneficial to enhance physical fitness and increase satiety. It is suitable for vegetarians and simple obese people; it even reduces the concentration of lead in human blood.Contains a large amount of estrogen, which can also help women lift their hips and overcome menopausal symptoms.

  Spinach contains 1 iron per 100 grams.


9 mg, protein 2.

4 grams (1 pound of spinach is equivalent to the protein content of 2 eggs), 3 mg of vitamin A (more than carrots), and B1 0.

06 mg, B2 0.

16 mg, C 31.

4 mg (3 times as much as tomato).

Its red root contains vitamin K, which is lacking in common vegetables and fruits, which helps prevent the possibility of bleeding from the skin and internal organs.

Spinach also has enzymes.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spinach is sweet and cool, which helps to purify the heat of the human stomach and intestines, can nourish blood, stop bleeding, astringent yin and moisturize.

Therefore, the original constipation can make people look radiant.

Antioxidant tests abroad show that women eat about 30 grams of fresh raw spinach, which is better than eating 1.

With 25 grams of vitamin C and 270 grams of red wine, spinach is touted as one of the “Top Ten Beauty Foods”.

  [营养分析]  菠菜营养丰富,素有“蔬菜之王”之称,但菠菜里含有很多草酸(每100克菠菜中约含300毫克草酸)。Tofu contains magnesium chloride and calcium sulfate. If it enters the body at the same time, it will form insoluble calcium oxalate, which will not only cause calcium loss, but also deposit into stones.

So it is best not to eat spinach with tofu.

In fact, spinach does not have the highest iron content and cannot be used for blood, because only 10% of the iron in spinach is absorbed in the body, and the other 90% is combined with oxalic acid to form an insoluble substance, which is even difficult to absorb, and it will affect the bodyThe absorption and utilization of iron, it is not appropriate to eat spinach alone too much.

  [正确搭配]  在钙和草酸的比例为1:2时,最易形成结石。Stones can be prevented if this ratio is destroyed by food pairing, such as using spinach with calcium-rich sesame, milk or fish.

  The nutritional value of food protein in nutrition science belongs to the type, quantity and ratio of amino acids of protein.

Although the protein content of tofu is high, its nutritional value is greatly reduced due to the low content of methionine (one of the essential amino acids in the human body).

But you only need to cook other toxins of methionine, animal and plant foods with tofu, and you can avoid weaknesses, such as adding various types of minced meat to tofu, or frying with tofu wrapped in eggs.

  Although tofu is rich in calcium, if you eat tofu alone, the body’s absorption and conversion of calcium is quite low.

If you cook tofu with foods high in vitamin D, the body’s absorption of calcium can be increased more than 20 times, such as fish head tofu, which is light and delicious, and rich in nutrition.

  Tofu also contains a variety of saponin impurities, which can prevent the generation of peroxidation, inhibit slight absorption and promote its decomposition; but saponin compounds can also promote the excretion of iodine, which can easily cause iodine deficiency.

Therefore, those who regularly eat tofu should appropriately increase their iodine intake.

Kelp is rich in iodine, and eating tofu with kelp transforms the best of both worlds.