High price of autumn and winter with hot moisturizing lotion _1

Highly priced in autumn and winter

Introduction: There is no doubt that the lotion has become a dazzling star in the skin care industry.
The reason is that the moisture content of the stratum corneum of the skin must be maintained at 10% to 15%, so that it does not appear dry and dull.
The factors that affect the moisture content of the stratum corneum, in addition to the ability of the stratum corneum to retain water, also include external wind, sun, climate, humidity, and excessive cleanliness. It is necessary to replenish the skin with appropriate moisture in time to maintain moisture and shine.The appearance of skin, and this is the basic function of lotion.
.hzh {display: none; }  在洁面后15秒内马上涂抹化妆水效果最好,此刻,由于皮肤清洁后,肌肤角质层的pH 值略带碱性,使用化妆水,保湿以外,还能帮助肌肤Adjust the pH to a healthy state.
  Japanese beauty faculty member Saiki Chitsu suggests applying a high-performance lotion to the palm of your hand, and then rub your palms slowly.
In this way, after “preheating” the lotion and then applying it on the face, it will be easier for it to penetrate into the skin, and the effect will increase by two or three times.
Or cover the entire face with both palms. Under the effect of body temperature, the lotion will have an incredible effect on adjusting the texture of the skin, just like a steam iron.
Mr. Saeki also suggested using a lotion to moisturize the mask to improve the absorption of subsequent skin care products.
  Recommended products: 研 极 润 保湿 保 化妆 水 ¥ 90.
0 / 170ml Product introduction: This one of the best-selling products in Japan, which is “1 bottle in 4 seconds”, contains double hyaluronic acid, which can penetrate deeply and moisturize the deep layers of the skin, and instantly moisturize the skin, making the skin more delicate and smooth.
At the same time, it can lock the moisture and continue to replenish the skin’s required moisture, bringing an unprecedented moisturizing experience, the effect will amaze you.
At the same time, the price of 90 yuan and 170ml is a smart choice for many MMs.
  L’Oreal Paris Active Whitening Toner ¥ 95.
0 / 200ml Product introduction: The ideal skin toner for perfecting the whitening procedure. The Snow White Triple Whitening Toner is the ideal product for effectively perfecting the whitening procedure. Effectively improve the complexion: Contains the softening acid revitalizing essence developed by L’Oreal to remove the dull and old skin surface.Surface layer of skin.
Combined with vitamin C derivatives that increase skin gloss, skin is smoother, more even and brighter.
Immediately after use, the skin is soothed and rejuvenated. Day after day, your skin is more transparent, fairer and more lustrous.
  Editor’s comment: The texture is mild, and it is very comfortable to use on dry skin that is thirsty.
Although the main function is whitening, the hydrating effect is also great!
  Kose Sekkisei Toner ¥ 480 / 360g Natural-type lotion with a superb whitening and moisturizing effect, condensing essence like a beauty liquid.
Enriched with Coix Seed.
Essence of Chinese herbs such as licorice prevents white spots and freckles caused by sun exposure, makes the skin gradually fair as snow, and whitens skin lotion that improves the skin’s essence.
Whitening products that have penetrated women’s minds like never before.
  Comments: When it comes to Japanese water, the lotion of Sekkisei naturally has to be number one. Its popularity is amazing in major forums.
The whitening effect is always proud of it. Numerous MMs who are keen on whitening engineering are worshipped under its petite small bottles.
However, the moisturizing effect of Sekkisei is still slightly insufficient for MM with dry skin.
  Aupele Brightening Active Toner ¥ 200 / 170ml Multiple inhibition of melanin production caused by ultraviolet rays, making the facial skin color more transparent and fair from the inside out.
The active ingredients penetrate deep into the stratum corneum and fully replenish moisture.
Contains Xingyuan Revitalizing Essence, cuticle skin-care ingredients, sensory moisturizing ingredients, and multiple system whitening ingredients.
  Comments: This model of water and water is quite good, and the sales are also quite good!
The nature is very mild, it feels very comfortable to use, and the whitening effect is really good.
Plus lovely price.
  illume Yinai Huan Huan Water Essence Lotion 280 yuan gives energy to live water, leaving skin hydrated and plumped all day.
Adopting the ultra-molecular technology concept, it drives water to penetrate deep into the skin and enhances the skin’s hydration and fullness; the mile compound component can continuously release water for a long time like a pump, and it is fresh and fresh throughout the day; it contains skin energy regeneration factors和透明质酸钠 ,补充大量天然保湿因子NMF (Natural Moist Factor),帮助提升肌肤的水润度, 瞬间滋润并长效保湿,令肌肤水润柔软。  Comments: This essence can help to enhance the effect with massage, and after the massage will burst small drops of water, very interesting, in terms of innovative fun, it can be regarded as the first.
  雅漾舒护活泉水 ¥95/150ml  源自法国南部、具有265年悠久历史的传奇之水—-雅漾舒护活泉水,是大自然给予完美肌肤的天然馈赠,它天然纯净,不仅富含Trace elements and silica, with a balanced mineral content, and unique skin care effects: it can significantly reduce the skin’s reaction to various stimuli, and has extraordinary comfort.