[Encyclopedia of the practice of tofu]内 内 豆 豆腐 _How to do _ Daquan

[Encyclopedia of the practice of tofu]内 内 豆 豆腐 _How to do _ Daquan

Everyone has eaten lactone tofu. The nutritional value of lactone tofu is very high. It is different from ordinary tofu. It can be used to make tofu brain or tofu tincture.Usually it is packed in a small box. Generally, if you want to make that tofu, you need to prepare sea rice parsley to increase the flavor of the fat inside tofu. The appropriate sesame oil can also be seasoned.

Method 1 A box of lactone tofu, sea rice, shallots, parsley, seafood soy sauce, soy sauce, spicy oil, sesame oil, sugar.

Method 1: Pour the lactone tofu out of the box, clean the water and cut into small cubes.

2. Cut the shallots and parsley into pieces and sprinkle on tofu.

3. Put some oil in the pan, fry the sea rice slightly, remove it, and sprinkle it on the tofu.

4, juice: a little more seafood soy sauce, a portion of raw soy, spicy oil (added according to taste), a little sugar, a drop of sesame oil, stir the juice well.

5. Pour the juice evenly on the tofu.

Method 2 Ingredients: 1 box of fatty tofu, chili pepper, carob, tenderloin, rice wine, salt, starch Method 1.

1 Remove the fat tofu from the box and slice it, then steam it in the boiling water pot for three minutes.


2 Tenderloin minced, carrot fungus pepper cut into small diced.

Add rice wine salt to the meat and marinate in soy sauce for a while.


3 Put the oil in the wok, heat the meat and stir-fry the meat, add carrots and fungus, and add oyster sauce to fry.

Add the diced chili peppers to the pan before the pan, and drizzle on the tofu.