Lipstick can break a woman’s temper

Lipstick can break a woman’s temper

Did you know that the shape of the lipstick after using it for a few days reflects the personality of the user.

Believe it, you open the lipstick tube and see what shape your lipstick looks like.


Bald shape B.

Recessed C.

One side is D.

Shallow disc-shaped E.

Analysis of semicircular results: A.

The small bald head shows that the hostess of the lipstick is resolute, decisive, energetic, and has a very clear purpose.

This woman has a sense of humor, but at the same time is serious and sensitive.

She is always ready to help the people around her and usually has many friends.


Lipstick is a woman of this shape with a wide range of interests and versatility, so that sometimes it is difficult to decide when things happen, and she often loses her temper for little things.


Use lipstick to wipe off the women on one side and the other side to play around with tricks and tricks.

In addition, they are passionate but easily excited.

They also enjoy traveling and experiencing new things.


It’s unbelievable, but the fact is: the longer the lipstick shape, the more romantic the woman is.

In addition, she is a sane woman and a trusted girlfriend who can always give you practical advice.

Such women have amazing memories.


Women like semicircles know what they want.

She has a cultural taste, is full of aesthetic taste, and often gives a feeling of seclusion and indifference, but if you learn more, you will find that she is kind and gentle.

However, whoever bullies her, she will engage in revenge.