Baby Sun Protection Tips

Baby Sun Protection Tips

The speed at which a person’s skin ages is determined before the age of 18.

Childhood is particularly vulnerable to sun exposure because they are exposed to the sun for about three times as much as adults.

Especially in summer, parents often take them to beaches, beaches, and swimming pools, but sand and water reflect 40-60% of ultraviolet rays, and can even penetrate 90 cm of water.

The baby’s skin is not yet fully developed, and the pigmented layer that resists ultraviolet rays is much thinner than adults. It is easy for UV rays to penetrate and cause sunburn, photosensitivity and skin summer vesicular disease.

Therefore, safety protection measures should be taken early in life.

  Confirmation 1 When the “shadow rule” is implemented, when the baby is out, the length of the shadow in the sun is shorter than the height, and he needs to seek shelter.

  Solution 2 Reduce strong sunlight. When going out on a sunny day, you should avoid the sunniest moments. It is best to choose before 10am and after 4pm.

  In this way, avoid direct sunlight in the summer. Do not expose to direct sunlight. In the shade or shade, activities that absorb UV rays in the body at the same time do not damage the skin. It is advisable to receive sunlight for about 1 hour each time.

  Countermeasure 4 Wear protective clothing when the sun is strong, especially at noon in summer. Wear a wide-brim, light-colored sun hat and sun glasses when going out, support parasols, and wear thin long-sleeved thinShirt or trousers.

  Measure 5 Use of sunscreen skincare products It is estimated that the effective use of sunscreen products in infants and adolescents will reduce the incidence of skin cancer throughout the life stage by 78%.

  Sunscreens are divided into inorganic sunscreens and organic sunscreens that absorb and convert ultraviolet light through chemical reactions.

But it is easy to cause skin irritation, and the baby’s skin is very immature, so it is not suitable for use.

Inorganic sunscreens reflect and dissipate ultraviolet and visible light by providing a transparent barrier composed of inert metal particles. It does not cause irritation to the baby’s skin and is absolutely safe.

Therefore, the world’s infant skin care experts believe that children should choose inorganic sunscreens that are 100% free of organic chemical sunscreens, and after sensitivity testing and medical experts’ certification, the sunscreen effect is reliable, mild and pure, and has SPF15 sun protection index.

In this way, it can effectively resist the damage of ultraviolet rays and prevent skin sunburn and tan.

  Recommended products: Johnson’s baby sunscreen lotion Ingredients: emollients, inorganic sunscreen factors, humectants, fragrance sunscreen factor: SPF15 Suitable for: infants over 6 months, adults can also use.