Amaranth delicious food also has high healing power_1

Amaranth delicious food also has high healing power

Dish, also known as citron, water chestnut, chickpea, Qingming, etc., is a light green herbaceous plant with white flowers, not only delicious wild vegetables, but also a traditional Chinese medicine with a variety of effects.

It has strong vitality and is widely distributed, and can be mined everywhere in the spring fields.

As a wild vegetable, amaranth can be cooked in many ways, which can be cold, fried, braised, soup, or even used as stuffing. They are rare greens in spring.

  As medicine, it has long been recorded in the herbal monographs such as Qianqianfang · Shizhi, Special Records of Famous Doctors, and Materia Medica of South Yunnan.

Its sexual taste, sweet, light, cold, can enter the liver, spleen, stomach, bladder meridian; with cooling liver to stop bleeding, flattening eyesight, clearing heat and dampness; used to treat vomiting, bleeding, hemoptysis, hematuria, bleedingRed eyes, swelling and pain, fundus hemorrhage, cold fever, hypertension, red-white dysentery, nephritis edema, chyluria and other diseases.

For example, treat amaranth with amaranth and candied jujube with 30 grams of decoction for treating vomiting blood in internal injuries; use amaranth with 30 grams each of decoction for bleeding and menstruation; use 125 grams of fresh amaranth with decoction for treating urination and blood, adjust honey for winter or alternativeAdd 3 grams of brown brown charcoal; use amaranth to treat hypertension, decoction of 30 grams each.

  Modern pharmacological research proves that amaranth contains organic acids such as oxalic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, acetic acid, p-aminobenzenesulfonic acid and various amino acids, and contains choline, acetylcholine, sorbitol, mannitol and potassium, calcium, sodium, chlorine, Phosphorus, manganese, etc.

Experimental research found that: Amaranth decoction and flow extract can excite the uterus of mice, cats and rabbits.

Alcoholic extracts can lower blood pressure in dogs, cats, rabbits and rats.

The extract has a relaxing effect on the coronary vessels of dogs and guinea pigs, an inhibitory effect on artificial gastric ulcers formed in rats, and a diuretic effect on mice.

Clinical practice proves that amaranth has a mild flavor, has a wide range of uses and better curative effects, and is not jealous and can be used with confidence.