If you want a good spleen and stomach, eat more yam

If you want a good spleen and stomach, eat more yam

Click to buy yam, which is called Huaishan and Huaishan in Chinese medicine. Because of its rich nutrition, it has been regarded as a good nourishing and inexpensive product since ancient times. It can be used as a staple food and a vegetable.

So, what is the nutritional effect of yam?

  1, the spleen and stomach to help digestion of the symptoms of spleen and stomach problems can be summarized in 8 words: appetite, bloating, diarrhea, stool.

As the saying goes: if you want a good spleen and stomach, eat more yam.

  2. Nourishing fitness and delaying aging. Yam is rich in a large amount of mucin, vitamins and trace elements, which can effectively prevent the precipitation of blood lipids on the blood vessel wall, prevent cardiovascular disease, and achieve the effect of soothing and longevity. In addition, the dopamine in yam has an expansion.The function of blood vessels, improve blood circulation, improve the digestive function of the human body, enhance physical fitness, improve the moisturizing feeling and color of the skin.

  3. The nutrients in Zishen Yijing Yam are very rich, which can treat symptoms such as kidney deficiency, nocturnal emission, and excessive vaginal discharge in women.

  4. Reducing astringent and solid intestines to stop diarrhea. Spring diarrhea is a common disease. The yam tastes sweet, but it is not greasy, it is not fragrant but not dry. The effect of treating spleen deficiency diarrhea is very good.

  5. People who are easy to replenish qi, relieve cough, and suffer from asthma often have symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, and mental burnout. Wash the yam, chop it with rice to cook porridge, and stick to a cup. The constitution will be obvious.improve.

In addition, the spring temperature changes erraticly, which is a period of high incidence of seasonal diseases. It is necessary to prevent the body in advance and eat more yam. It has a good effect on the lungs and can solve the effects of nourishing and nourishing the lungs. Yams are rich in mucus.Good lubrication, moisturizing and so on.

  6. The glycoproteins contained in the treatment of diabetic yam are metabolized into proteins and carbohydrates in the body, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar.

The amylase contained in yam has the effect of helping food digestion and crushing starch into glucose. Therefore, yam has a certain effect on diabetes.

  7. The nourishing and healthy brain yam is rich in choline and lecithin, which can help improve human brain memory.

Yam is rich in nutrition, has the ability to enhance the activity of nerve cells, replenishes heart qi, reassures the mind, treats forgetfulness, nourishes the mind and enhances memory.