007: No time to die shifts, or lose 30 million to 50 million US dollars

“007: No time to die” shifts, or lose 30 million to 50 million US dollars
On March 6, according to foreign media, the preliminary release of “007: No Time to Die” due to the epidemic may cost the film MGM 30 million to 50 million.Campaign, the global schedule of “007: No Time to Die” was adjusted from the original April release to November, but most of the film ‘s marketing activities have not yet been launched, but the marketing expenditure has been quite large, and the Super Bowl release trailerIt cost $ 4.5 million and the film production cost was 2.500 million US dollars.However, considering the profit margins of Bond films, even an 8-digit substitution should be affordable for the magnitude of “No Time to Die”.In addition to ensuring public safety, making a decision on the expected schedule is still a choice based on economic reasons.According to people familiar with the matter, theaters in Japan, Italy and other countries have been closed in recent weeks, which may result in 30% of the box office revenue being cut off.The film producer also stated: “The epidemic will affect the entire world market, and we are just one of those who must work in this environment.”Sauna, Ye Yan Li Xu editor Xu Meilin proofread He Yan