[Does Pueraria Powder Milk?]

[Does Pueraria Powder Milk?]

Women should make reasonable arrangements in all aspects during breastfeeding. They must have reasonable exercise, balanced nutritional absorption, and even emotions should not have too much agitation, because these will affect the maternal milk production.

In order to produce more milk, the mother can eat some milk this year, but can Pueraria powder be milked?

It is recommended that women do not consume kudzu root powder, because kudzu root is cold and does not have much effect on milk production.

1. It is not recommended to eat. First, Kudzu root is cold. You need to be cautious when eating cool foods during menstruation, as is medicine.

Pueraria modern research has the function of dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, often using it to treat coronary heart disease, etc. It is conceivable that menstrual medication may prolong bleeding time2, but do n’t worry too much, you can now eat more nutritious food,Such as milk, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of soups such as brewed eggs, ham and catfish soup, soy trotter soup, etc., mothers should relax, and secondly, drink plenty of water to promote milk secretion.

3. Pueraria powder should be eaten during lactation.

Kudzu root powder is rich in flavonoids, such as puerarin, daidzein, etc. Kudzu powder is cold and cold, and breastfeeding mothers should eat less or not.

Cold food will cause discomfort to the mother’s stomach, and also affect the recovery of the body. It will gradually affect the baby through milk and cause the baby to have symptoms such as diarrhea.