[Efficacy of Xiaoqing Orange Pu’er Tea]_Benefits_Inevitable

[Efficacy of Xiaoqing Orange Pu’er Tea]_Benefits_Inevitable

Xiaoqing orange puer tea has been sought after in recent years. It is characterized by a small and flexible cage, which is very convenient to brew. It can be said to be suitable for all ages. Many people prefer Xiaoqing puer tea. It is also a treasure in tea.The efficacy of Xiaoqingmang Pu’er Tea is also quite good. It is very effective in protecting the liver. It has a weight loss effect, a beauty effect, an anti-aging effect, and a good preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases.

What is Xiaoqinggan?

According to the “Xinhui Chenpi Geographical Indication Product” regulations, citrus peel can be divided into citrus peel (green peel), slightly red peel (yellow peel), and large red peel (red peel) according to the harvest time.

Small green mandarin refers to the skin that is uncolored and the skin is processed when the fruit is immature. This issued citrus is called small green mandarin.

What is the effect of Xiaoqinggan?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the green peel and tangerine have a mild temperature, taste bitterness, enter the liver, bile meridian, have liver qi, pharyngitis, dehydration retention, and protect cardiovascular effects. When combined with cooked tea, its health effects naturally have both.Benefits: It has various effects such as strengthening the spleen and stomach, reducing phlegm and cough, reducing fat and weight, beauty and beauty, anti-aging and so on.

Little green mandarin has the most volatile oil, slightly astringent and acidic, and has a strong fruit flavor in tea. It is sweet and sweet. Although the oleone in the green peel cannot be absorbed by the human body, it can expand the role of the upper respiratory tract and improve chronic pharyngitis.The haze has the effect of smooth breathing for rhinitis and cold stuffy nose.

What is the taste of Xiaoqinggan?

Xiaoqing mandarin tea is pure in quality, blending the scent of clear fruit and the rich scent of puer tea, forming a unique taste and flavor.

After brewing, the color of the soup is orange and red, the tea soup is mellow, the soup is delicate, the aftertaste is sweet, and it has a strong scent.

How did Xiaoqinggan come from?

1. Clean the picked citrus fruits for sanitary treatment.

2. Cut the citrus fruit into small mouths, hollow out the citrus flesh from the opening, keep the peel of the shell, and dry it.

3. Fill in the cooked food, and fill the opening with the peel to seal the opening, and restore it to a complete “tea fruit”.

4. Finally, put it in the drying process and dry storage, the whole process is free of pigments and no additives.

How to choose a good little green mandarin?

1. Look at the appearance.

The packaging is complete without mildew.

The color of the orange peel is uniform and not too dark. The brewed tea soup is clear and transparent, without sinking bottom.

2. Smell the aroma.

After brewing, there is a hint of fruity aroma in the tea, the aroma is quiet, and there is no astringency or musty.

3. Taste it.

At the entrance, the tea soup is thick and smooth, with a sweet aftertaste and no sharp irritation.

4. Look at the bottom of the leaf.

Gently pinch the bottom of the leaf, the color is fresh, flexible and elastic, and there are no other inclusions on the bottom of the leaf.